A. Delivery and collection of a vehicle around the island of Paros.

In an effort to make the process of renting vehicles easier, Paros DK Scooters offers you delivery and pick up of the vehicle wherever you wish in Paros.

Upon request, the vehicle you want will be brought to you or picked up from your site at no extra charge -whether in central parts of the island or in other locations around Paros.

We extend this service to make it easier and more customer friendly, as the representative of our company to serve you may use Viber & WhatsApp. All you have to do is send (pin) us your exact location and the vehicle will be delivered to / picked up from your door.

The delivery and collection service during opening hours, 08:00-22:00, is provided free of charge.

We also offer delivery or pick up service outside working hours, 23:00-08:00, by appointment, at a cost of 15 Euros.

B. Receiving a vehicle from the port or airport and transporting your luggage to your place of residence.

For our customers’ convenience, we have decided to offer one more service. You can pick up a vehicle such as a scooter or quad, which offer no luggage space, and leave your luggage transportation to us safely and securely to your accommodation (hotel, villa, etc.) upon your request.

This service comes at a cost of 10 Euros and it is offered within our opening hours, 08:00-22:00.

Using this service you save money and time as in the high season it is not easy to get a taxi or bus, either of which are significantly more expensive.