DK Scooters, with our long experience in the field of vehicle rentals (cars, scooters, motorcycles, quads / ATVs, buggies), have proceeded to a major renewal of our fleet for 2021, aiming to serve as many of our customers’ needs and desires.

Now you will find new car categories, such as category  “I” with SUV / 4WD cars with automatic transmission, category  “F” with 7-seater cars (manual or automatic) and category  “C” with small /medium-sized cars (manual or automatic).

Our company’s aim is the best service of travelers on the island of Paros  and, following the trend of the global car rental market , we provide you with the cars you want or even own so that you are in a familiar environment while driving.

This year we have made an overall renewal of our fleet, meaning that most of our vehicles have been constructed from 2020 onwards.

In addition to the major renewal of the car fleet, we have also proceeded to the purchase of new motorcycles with manual transmission as well as new large-capacity scooters (200cc – 300cc).

The feeling of driving a new vehicle is unique making the trip even more special and safe. With this in mind we have invested in a variety of new vehicles for 2021 which you will find at the most affordable prices on the market.