DK Rentals is a company with many years of experience in vehicle rentals (cars, scooters, motorbikes, quads / ATVs, buggies). Our sole purpose is to serve as many of our clients’ needs and wishes, which is why in 2022 we renewed the largest part of our fleet.

In our fleet you will now find brand new cars, such as automatic 4×4 / SUVs, city cars, several categories of fuel efficient cars, convertibles as well as large, family cars.

Apart from our car fleet renewal, we have also renewed our scooters in all categories as well as our quads and 4×4 ATVs.

DK Rentals aim to provide visitors on Paros island with the best possible service, hence we follow the international trend in car rentals and offer new cars with ample extras that cover all the needs a family or a party of visitors could have while on Paros.

Having just this year renewed a large part our fleet, our clients now get to drive new vehicles dated mostly post 2020.

Driving a new vehicle gives you a unique sensation on top of making driving even safer and more comfortable. To achieve this goal we have invested in many new vehicles in 2022, which we offer on the most affordable prices on the market.