For your best possible service, we have new and safe buggies for rent in Paros. Buggy rentals in Paros at the lowest prices with a discount of up to 15% for online bookings.

At Paros DK Scooters, our aim is to constantly renew our fleet with new buggies so that travellers enjoy their every second on the road as well as all the attractions on the island of Paros.

With this in mind, through our collaboration with Polaris USA, we offer brand new and safe buggies for hire in Paros. We trust Polaris because of their American quality and their long experience in off-road vehicle manufacturing.

It is essential that buggy rentals meet all European standards. Four-stroke engines, hydraulic steering wheels, ABS as well as fuel tank feed systems for less air pollution.

We apply ourselves to the best buggy maintenance once vehicles are returned by each of our clients.

In addition, the company Paros DK Scooters makes sure that all buggies are equipped with brand new tires (all season), seat belts and powerful engines so that you can enjoy even the island’s most inaccessible slopes.

To experience maximum adrenaline, Polaris Buggies come with (Selective) 4 wheel drive, adjustable through the gearbox. Rest assured that the buggy you have chosen to rent will have no difficulty on sand, soil, water or mud, so you will enjoy an exciting off-road driving experience.

The island of Paros has a very good road network which helps drivers who want to try out a buggy driving experience for the first time.

Beaches, inaccessible slopes with endless views of the blue and rocky areas to take photos with unsurpassed landscapes are but few of the sights you can visit by renting a buggy from Paros DK Scooters.