For your best possible service, we have new and safe quads / ATVs for rent in Paros. Quad / ATV rentals in Paros at the most affordable prices with a discount of up to 15% for online bookings.

Paros DK Scooters has selected for you the top quality quads / ATVs on the market. With security and reliability in mind, we offer a wide range of new quads / ATVs. In our fleet you will find quads / ATVs from 150cc to 570 cc.

For those demanding the ultimate driving experience we have equipped our fleet with brand new quads / ATVs over 500cc. A unique driving experience that pumps riders with extra adrenaline but also offers more safety. The quads / ATVs of over 500cc have four-wheel drive systems with front and rear differentials, hydraulic steering wheel, ABS, and specially designed tires that can meet any challenge of the road. Choosing a vehicle of this category you can visit and enjoy every spot on the island of Paros. Driving such vehicles becomes even easier due to their volume which gives them extra stability while moving at speed and while turning as well.

Up until a few years ago, quads / ATVs were only allowed on dirt roads, not on asphalt. In recent years, quads / ATVs are legally on the road as they meet European standards. Four-stroke engines, ABS, hydraulic steering wheels as well as fuel tank feed systems for less air pollution.

Do not hesitate to choose a quad / ATV for your tour of the island of Paros. You will be able to reach even the most inaccessible slope of the island and enjoy the endless view of the Aegean.