7-seater cars for rent on the island of Paros. 7-seater cars are more and more in demand for rent in Paros. This is because saving money is essential on a trip. Two families travelling together no longer need to rent 2 smaller sized cars to move around Paros. They can simply rent a vehicle with more seats so that they can enjoy all moments of their trip together while saving money from renting and fuel expenses. Large families are also best served this way, as parents with 4 or 5 children could not rent a regular 5-seater car.

Aiming to cater to the needs of these customers, we have equipped our fleet with the best and most reliable 7-seater cars on the market. You can rent a 7-seater car, manual or automatic, from our company and move safely and comfortably around the island of Paros.

All the cars we offer in category “F” come with full equipment, 7 autonomous seats with 7 seat belts – one for each passenger, 2 sliding rear doors for easier access even at the back row of seats, as well as modern GPS and Bluetooth systems for more exciting driving.

One of the 7-seater cars in our fleet is the Peugeot Rifter. We have chosen this car because on top of the above, its volume is not large, making it easier to drive and park.